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Car Window Tinting, Leeds

Glass 1 Tints provides high quality car window tinting in Leeds and across West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, the East Coast, Liverpool, Manchester and Wales.

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There are many benefits to choosing Glass 1 Tints when installing auto window tinting in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and across Yorkshire and Wales and these include:

Our High-Performance films
These let you burn up the road, while keeping your car's interior cool and comfortable. Our car window tinting in Manchester, Leeds, and beyond, reject 99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays and repel heat - so you keep your cool whilst your car looks even hotter.
    We have a wide range of optically clear and tinted films
    Our films have varying levels of protection, to get that "just right" look and sun protection you need. From basic and high performance dyed films to metal combinations and champion-performer all-metal films, we will fit your style and dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle.
      Nothing blocks your path like
      Dangerous glare can cause accidents, but the tinted films we can install will help to reduce glare, giving a much clearer, safer view of the road ahead.
        If an accident occurs, our car window tinting film can help to hold shattering windows in place reducing injuries from flying glass.

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